John Hawken, the founder of the Paths of Transformation, draws on forty years’ experience of therapy, tantra, shamanism and shadow work. He is considered one of the most experienced tantra teachers in Europe. He demystifies spirituality with clear explanations and guidance how to navigate with awareness the world of energy within ourselves, around us, and beyond us.

„Our awareness of ourselves as a flow of energy brings direct experience of the mysteries of life: love, relationship, sex, spirit, and the meaning of our saved dream. The heart is our energy centre for experiencing love. But the most powerful love in the heart is the love for truth.“

„“The most important part of tantra for me is the message to follow your heart, to follow your inner authority, and not to care too much about what other people think or say.“


John workshops

There will be a book reading of John’s book Realizations (in Czech Tantricka cesta) in Czech and English on Monday 5.7.2021 at 2pm where you will be able to buy John’s book in English and Czech and have it signed.

The steps of transformation 5.7. 15-18

The Circle of Permission 4.7. 20-22

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