We are looking forward to all those who can no longer wait for the opportunity to meet much deeper, happier and more valuablely with ourselves and with other people with an open heart. The festival at the beginning of summer 2022 from 1 to 6 July 2022 is ready. Given the persistent and ever-changing limitations, the program will be updated to some extent, but you can count on it to be 6 days full of great and valuable experiences, awareness and transformation in the picturesque Highlands with swimming in the pond and indoor pool, sauna, whirlpool and great massages among wonderful workshops.

Our goal is not to compete in the number of workshops and lecturers, in the end each participant can only be in one place at a time. On the contrary, the goal is to create a comprehensive opportunity to see and experience how enriching it can be to discover yourself and your relationships through tantra, shamanism and the transformation of our shadows under the guidance of proven, quality and kind presenters.

Each day is therefore devoted to one main topic. At the same time, two to three workshops will be run, with the aim of making one more focused on beginners in the field and one on more advanced participants.

Friday 1.7. Getting to know each other and creating a sacred space

Saturday 2.7. Basic principles of tantra, shamanism, Dark eros and transformation

Sunday 3.7. Male and female energy (separately and together)

Monday 4.7. Advanced principles of tantra, shamanism, Dark eros and transformation

Tuesday 5.7. Ceremonies and rituals

Wednesday 6.7. Closing ceremony

We wish you beautiful, joyful and healthy full days and look forward to seeing you 🙂

team of the summer transformation festival


Versions of the program will still change slightly. We recommend that you check back here that morning.

The present lecturers will briefly present their workshops for the day every morning. We highly recommend attending these meetings. All other questions will be answered on them, if necessary. Please do not ask about individual organizers’ workshops. Thank you 🙂

The colors indicate the progress of the individual workshops. What it actually means – progress can be perceived from several angles:

Previous experience.
Openness in terms of clothing in which the exercise takes place.
The range of touches or intimate touches in exercises with others.

1. Green – no previous experience is needed, the workshop takes place in clothing with little contact with others.
2. Orange – it is assumed that the participant already has some experience, but at the beginning of each workshop, the lecturers will explain everything that will be needed. The range of clothing is usually optional and the range of contacts with others can be very well regulated according to yourself.
3. Red – Usually this workshop meets one of the following conditions – previous experience is assumed, although everything needed for the workshop will be explained by the lecturer at the beginning. It is likely that nudity or partial nudity will be part of the workshop. Contacts with a partner or others can also be intimate.

We wish you beautiful, joyful and healthy full days and look forward to seeing you 🙂

team of the summer transformation festival

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