Petra Kiselyová

She is a teacher Paths of Transformation.  She set out on this path 20 years ago, and she, with her many detours, led her to the one she is walking on today.  Tantra and shamanism intertwine on this current path of her, and Petra helps to open this path to others, through her own deep experiences.  She herself is constantly experiencing her gift and ability to lead us to personal freedom and to change the qualities of all relationships.  This path helps to self-realization, to live one’s potential (in shamanism – one’s sacred dream) and to truly live life, with all its joys and sorrows.

Breath & Ritual

We invite you to experience a deep connection in a couple on an energy level, to get a mirror of your dance of energy with another person. And go through God&Goddess ritual to awaken, feel and experience sacredness in yourself and others.
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