Jon Pearson

Love, Flow and Surrender: A Guided Ritual of Tantric Touch for Couples

John Hawken teaches that relationships become more fulfilling when both partners let go of the mind-based expectations they have of themselves and their partner. We can choose, instead, to surrender to the blissful immanence of our physical awareness, deepening the pleasure we can give and receive in enlivening touch.

This is the basis of tantric lovemaking: play without performance, enjoyment without expectation, pleasure without judgement. Such lovemaking leads to expansion and bliss and is the theme of the afternoons workshop.

You are invited into a magical, sensitively-held ritual space where you and your partner will build a comfortable, secure nest to work in. We will begin with structures designed to energise and sensitise your body, then invite you and your partner into physical and energetic touch and play. 

This workshop is open to couples. Clothing optional. 

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