Christina Zelzner

Christina Zelzner with Bernard Pouey

Christina was all her life fascinated by sexual energy, this powerful life force,
and its multiple expressions. She is German, living and working in France,
mother of three and grandmother of two girls. Since 10 years, she is
experiencing the most challenging way of personnel development, living a
loving and engaged relationship.
She is a psychotherapist, working with a holistic approach in her own praxis
since 2005. She is a workshop leader and holds workshops for 10 years to
empower women, heal your inner child, connect to your sexual energy and
dance in a loving sexual relationship.
She is a member of the teachers bord of “The paths of Transformation” of John
Together with her partner, Bernard Pouey, she leads tantric workshops to
transmit the Teachings of John Hawken in France.

Contact :
Tel : 0033 611898215
Web :

Journey of the Heart of Shiva and Shakti

In this beautiful ritual, you are invited to heal the wounds of the past and open your heart fully. By receiving what you need, by crossing your shadows, by taking responsibility for who you are, you have access to your light. Meeting you, mingling you, intertwining you, you will recognize the different faces of Shiva and Shakti. By honouring and celebrating each other, you will experience the dance of bliss between Shiva and Shakti.
You need: a lunghi

intimity: orange

Workshop ” The power of My breasts “

A woman’s breasts are the visible seat of a woman’s femininity. They are formidable transmitters of sexual energy. Being placed directly in front of the heart, they also spread love. They are very sensitive and have a high orgasmic capacity.
Too often we have cut ourselves off from the sensitivity of our breasts, feeling like dispossessed by too much judgment or too many aggressive solicitations. In consequence they become insensitive and sad.
This workshop invites you to reconnect to your breasts, to listen to them, to massage them, to learn how circulate the energy of your breasts, so that they regain their vitality and their true vocation: To nourish you with their love and pleasure.

You will
– Listen to your breasts
– Massage them
– Circulate their energy
– Breathe through your nipples
– Learn to love your breasts!

You need :
– An intimate space where you are not disturbed and which is heated enough.
– Massage oil

You are invited to bare your breasts, but it is also possible to participate in this workshop with “dressed” breasts. In that case, take off your bra!
This workshop is primarily aimed at women.
However, men also have sensitive nipples. This workshop is therefore open to men who are curious about their feminine polarity and the sensitivity of their breasts.

Finding the Edge The Adventurer

In this ritual, you are invited to play with the edges of your comfort zone, to move towards more authenticity and more freedom in your sensual and sexual expression.
Following your impulses, you will explore the interaction between fear and excitement, moving beyond your boundaries into your potential.
As an adventurer, you are called to touch your edge where you slightly feel fear, and without pushing too hard, to move consciously through it, opening more and more, expanding to your true nature of pleasure and love.

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