Danni Lovefox

Danni Lovefox together with Bodhi Michael

As a certified somatic sexologist, bodyworker and teacher of the tantric path I offer a supportive space to explore yourself and your connection to the universe, weaving the magic of tantra with trauma-informed embodiment coaching. Powered by ongoing trainings in body- and breathwork, I work lovingly and compassionately to teach greater awareness within the body – exploring this gateway that lies deep within the present moment, through which you may fly beyond the everyday into another reality beyond.


Orange – no nudity required but with non-intimate touch in pairs

Setting an intent for the days ahead is a powerful initiative to bring form to the energetic container of the festival – what do you wish for here? What is it you truly desire? What would nourish you while also assisting your progress along your own path of transformation?

You will be welcomed with an embodied meditation to look within for impulses around these questions.

The body imprints massage, carried out in pairs either dressed or not as preferred, allows to cleanse and restore our essence.

Here we release any foreign impressions as collected from parents/society/family… ready to enter this space under our own authority rather than that of anti-ecstatic programmes.

Finally, inviting our intent to seep deep within  our system, as a seed of guidance underlying the processes that come these days ahead.

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